Friday, October 23, 2009

I May Be Done

I'm clearly not updating and have lost my passion for politics. I may be done. It's been great, though. 3 years, lots and lots of hits. Crazy. If anyone wants to become a "Team member" and post here yourself, let me know. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll update on rare, rare occasions, but for now let's assume it's on hold.

Thanks everyone.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Balloon Boy?

What the hell was that, really. And live video feed? Are you out of your mind?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama Honeymoon Over?

That was the title of an article I saw on my phone, yesterday. I ask then:

Who cares?

Really, at this point, who cares whether or not their is an irrational love for Barack Obama. Those that like him will like him, those that don't will not, and the media - which many believe completely reshape the public focus on a president - usually only reports based on public mood. Though admittedly the media has too much power shaping opinions, at this point those that watch the news have split off into their own partisan news cycle. MSNBC and Fox News aren't exactly likely to change their reporting styles any time soon.

So no, no one cares. Why people insist on reporting about this during 24 hour news cycles is beyond me.

PLR Stuff

One of my current projects is to write PLR articles - PLR stands for private label rights, and essentially for $1.00 per article, someone gets access to 10 articles about a particular topic, and they can reprint those articles in a blog, newsletter, etc., in order to have content to post on their websites.

Since this blog is focused on politics, this may be of little value to most visitors, but if anyone has interest in having one of these packages created for a particular topic, I can probably create the PLR articles for it. Here is an example of what the packages look like, and writing samples can be found on the main page. I can also write PLR for politics if someone believes they will need it.

Note that with PLR, about 50 copies are sold of each. The main purpose of these types of articles are to be:

a) Blog Filler
b) Rewritten to be original content

So keep that in mind. Let me know.