Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is the Point of This?

Brinks/Broadview home security (I think that it is name) is a strange system. Once an alarm goes off, the call you to make sure things are okay.

We had that in my house about a half dozen years ago. The alarm went off, and it may have been someone breaking in, so we ran into a nearby room. The alarm continued on and on and on. Finally we turned it off after like 5 to 10 minutes.

Nothing happened.

No police showed up, no nothing. That night, we checked our phone messages and there was a message from our security service saying "We heard that your alarm went off and are checking to make sure everything is okay." Well, NO, it wasn't. What the hell is the point of that message? If I were shot, or dead, or being attacked, what makes them think there is any way I could call for help? Who in the world answers their phone when someone is breaking in and why is not answering the phone an acceptable outcome?

I don't get it. When you watch those commercials, the alarm in the house goes off, and suddenly the guy breaking in decides to run away, giving the lady time to answer the phone. If I knew she had Brinks home security, and I was there to attack her, I would simply attack her - because Brinks does nothing unless you tell them, via the phone, that you are in danger. And if you have time to tell them that you are in danger, chances are you are not in much danger at all.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Though he'd be 110. So I doubt it. Still:

But the skull fragment the Russians dug up outside the F├╝hrerbunker in 1946 could never have belonged to Hitler. The skull DNA was incontestably female. The only positive physical proof that Hitler had shot himself had suddenly been rendered worthless. The result is a mystery reopened and, for conspiracy theorists the tantalising possibility that Hitler did not die in the bunker.

Also, for fun:

The autopsy also reported that Hitler, as had been rumoured, had only one testicle.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Thought

- When the economy was crashing, wages started getting cut, and people were forced to take jobs that were of lower pay, making it hard to pay their bills.

- The unemployment rate in America is based on surveys of the number of people actively searching for work.

- In many families, a family member was working while the other was staying at home to raise the kids.

- Lower paying jobs for that working family member requires that the other family member go back to work in order to live more comfortably.

Is it possible that the unemployment rate can increase not because jobs aren't available, or because people are being laid off, but because more people need to find work in order to pay their bills?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Linda E. McMahon, who has presided over the sprawling World Wrestling Entertainment empire as its chief executive, announced on Wednesday that she was seeking the Republican Party nomination to challenge Senator Christopher J. Dodd next year.

Okay, why not. Not quite as funny as Vince McMahon running for president but then what is, really.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When King County Doesn't Run Washington State

Title from the Seattle Times:

Superior Court judge rejects challenge to R-71

A judge has cleared the way for a public vote on expanded domestic-partnership benefits in Washington state.

For the last decade or so, Seattle has pretty much single-handedly run Washington State. The entire eastern half of the state is as conservative as Idaho, and the bottom half is borderline full red.

Soon, once again, the rights of domestic partners will be up for a vote. Once again they are trying to take very important rights away from couples that will need them in an emergency. And once again, it seems, it will be up to King County to make sure that doesn't happen.

It's annoying, but it seems to happen every year, and every year carries the same doubt. Does King County - especially Seattle - have enough voters to carry the rest of the state?

Washington state pretty much has nothing if Seattle/King County were not located here. Spokane is barely in Washington (and may as well be part of Idaho), and most other small towns do not have the resources to support themselves. There is nothing wrong with Seattle essentially deciding each election, but every time this occurs it is hard to believe that it will happen again next year. It is a spot on the map competing with the rest of the giant state. Hopefully, once again, King County leads the way.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Woah - When Did the Stock Market Get So High?

The market is up at 9310 at the end of the day. It was not long ago where it seemed like it would never reach 1,000 again, and there it is at the cusp. Very cool. I wish I had bothered investing. If I had invested in Starbucks when I planned on it I'd be at double my money right now, but stupid Sharebuilder isn't fun to use and I decided against it. Boo.