Monday, January 15, 2007

Alex Rodriguez - A Republican (And Other Famous People and Their Politics)

From and a conservative blog known as Right on the Right, I found out who some of the famous liberals are, and some of the famous conservatives:

In a piece titled: "Know your enemy" this neocon blogger posts all the "evil liberals" who donated thousands to Democratic candidates. Some names include:
Natalie Portman
Gwyneth Paltrow
Courtney Cox
Kevin Costner
George Lucas
Harrison Ford

Among many, many others.

But the real shock is who this writer BOASTS as Republican donors. There are not many (one per 7 liberal names) but these are the actual people he is proud are Republicans (I will not link to each one, but you can search yourself):
Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)
Toby Keith (note: is actually a conservative democrat)
Tom Clancy
Chuck Norris
Kelsey Grammer

Wow... Way to list an impressive bunch of nobodies. Ooooh - a terrible writer, a washed up martial artist who has become a running joke, a country singer (SHOCK! SURPRISE!), and Frasier... No wonder he never fit in in Seattle. And a baseball player who I've hated since he was a Rookie on the Mariners.

So I did some snooping of my own and found more names, with their affiliation listed in parenthesis as (L) for liberal/Democrat and (C) for conservative/Republican - based solely on their donations - This is a long list:

Celebrities/Actors/Actresses/Famous People

Ben Affleck (L)
Jessica Alba (L)
Alan Alda (L)
Alec Baldwin (L)
Tyra Banks (L)
Bob Barker (C)
Drew Berrymore (L)
Jason Bateman (L)
Kim Basinger (L)
David Blaine (C)
Zach Braff (L)
Nicholas Cage (L)
Drew Carey (C)
Billy Crystal (L)
Matt Damon (L)
Robert Deniro (L)
Danny Devito (L)
Leonardo DiCaprio (L)
Angie Dickenson (L)
Shannon Doherty (C)
Fran Dreschler (L)
Richard Dreyfuss (L)
Robert Duvall (L)
Farrah Fawcett (L)
Will Farrell (L)
Jeff Foxworthy (C)
Brendan Frasier (L)
Morgan Freeman (L)
Jennifer Garner (L)
Kathy Lee Gifford (C)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (L)
Matt Groening (L)
Tom Hanks (L)
Ethan Hawke (L)
Salma Hayek (L)
Marilu Henner (L)
Jim Henson (L)
Charlton Heston (C)
Faith Hill (L)
Dustin Hoffman (L)
Bob Hope (C)
Samuel Jackson (L)
Billy Joel (L)
Tommy Lee Jones (L)
Garrison Keillor (L)
Dean Koontz (C)
John Larroquette (L)
Matt LeBlanc (L)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (L)
Lucy Liu (L)
Heather Locklear (C)
Jennifer Lopez (L)
Traci Lords (C)
Seth MacFarlane (L)
Dave Matthews (L)
Jenny McCarthy (L)
Reba McEntire (C)
Dr. Phil McGraw (C)
Tim McGraw (L)
Bill Murray (L)
Jack Nicholson (L)
Leonard Lemoy (L)
Conan O'Brian (L)
Ozzy Ozborne (L)
Al Pacino (L)
Chuck Palahniuk (L)
Mandy Patinkin (L)
Michelle Pfeifer (L)
David Hyde Pierce (L)
Maury Povich (C)
Prince (C)
Burt Reynolds (L)
Christina Ricci (L)
Tony Robbins (C)
Chris Rock (L)
Meg Ryan (L)
Martin Scorsese (L)
Jerry Seinfeld (L)
Tom Selleck (C)
Tony Shalhoub (L)
Martin Sheen (L)
LL Cool J (L)
Kevin Sorbo (C)
Kevin Spacey (L)
David Spade (L)
Ben Stein (C)
Jon Stewart (L)
Amy Tan (L)
Uma Thurman (L)
Rip Torn (C)
Chris Tucker (L)
Usher (L)
Mark Wahlberg (L)
Robin Williams (L)
Owen Wilson (L)
Henry Winkler (L)
Reese Witherspoon (L)
James Woods (C)
Noah Wyle (L)
Renee Zellweger (L)

Billionairres (who matter):

Paul Allen (L)
Jeff Bezos (L)
Michael Dell (C)
Charles Schwabb (C)
Steven Spielburg (L)
Ted Turner (L)
Oprah Winfrey (L)

Sports Stars:

Hank Aaron (L)
Troy Aikman (C)
Mario Andretti (C)
Charles Barkley (L)
Lance Berkman (C)
Oscar De La Hoya (L)
Mike Ditka (C)
Clyde Drexler (C)
Dale Earnhardt (C)
Jeff Gordon (C)
Evander Holyfield (L)
Phil Jackson (L)
Michael Jordan (L)
Davis Love III (C)
Peyton Manning (C)
Alonzo Mourning (L)
Rafael Palmeiro (C)
Pat Riley (L)
Alex Rodriguez (C) <----WORTH REPEATING
Emmitt Smith (L)

I see a theme with authors who write crappy novels.

There are many, many more names, but I didn't know who they are, or care, or it was too obvious.

Others of Note: Jim Cramer, 280,000 dollars, all Democrat
Neil Cavuto - only donated 1,000 dollars ever - obviously to the Red candidate
Hugh Hefner - Democrat
Joe Scarborough - Has only donated to Democrats.
Ann Coulter, in her entire succubus life, has only donated 250 dollars.

If you are on this list, and can prove to me you are actually you (with a picture of yourself holding my blog name) and want to change your C or L to the other, because your donations are misleading, email me.

Otherwise, your comments are appreciated.


Libertine said...

How recent is this list? One name on your list, Dale Earnhardt, has been dead for six years.

Oh, yeah, I notice that Bob Hope is on the list, too. I wonder if he's giving from the great beyond?

At any rate, I don't why the Republicans fixate on the political opinions of entertainment celebrities. It's not as if they're typically more educated in political science than the average non-famous person.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha scarface is a LIBERAL
ahahahaha i love al pacino too much man
and notice how all the conservatives are LOSERS
ahahah great finds man!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Quite interesting. Most of those conservatives were a no brainer, but I think it's great you published the list. I do find Conservatives such as Traci Lords a bit much. I guess we are all to forget her past as a porn star? yep those are real family morals, lol. Also I find it appalling that just because one chooses to have their own mind and not control everyone they are considered bleeding hearts. I just think the conservatives are afraid of anything they can not control with their churches and moral bullshit.
Thank you for posting that about Anne Coulter, what a douche. She has about as much breeding and class as a cockroach.

JFER1980 said...

Interesting facts, except what the hell do your comments mean about the authors? You sorta screwed up your credibility on that one. I mean if they were crappy authors why are they on your list? That didn't make any sense. Tom Clancy didn't make millions off of crappy novels obviously. I also don't know if I would brag much about out of touch Hollywood celebrities and their liberal views. Do you really think Barbara Streissand knows how much a gallon of milk costs? I doubt it.

Librocrat said...

Selling books doesn't mean they are not crappy authors just as making money does not make one intelligent. See: President Bush.

I doubt most Republicans know how much a gallon of milk cost either. See: President Bush.

Thanks for commenting, though.

Anonymous said...

The senseless prattle of my nine month old is more coherent than these previous posts.

This only enforces my belief that liberals like yourselves would rather whine on about how bad conservatives are rather than doing anything constructive about it.

To the author of this crappy blog; try running your text through a grammar check. It will only make you look half-retarded

Librocrat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Librocrat said...

Well, I for one am offended. You managed to use at least THREE polysyllabic words to insult me on my own blog. You're quite the sesquipedalian. Although maybe I should be pleased that you bothered to read the posts before you wasted time writing this response to a list I made in January.

However, you did use the word "rather" twice in the same sentence. You cannot say "would rather whine on about how bad conservatives are rather than doing anything constructive about it."

Note how the first "rather" makes the second "rather" superfluous. People tend to not prefer to prefer something. Also, it is best not to put a semicolon when addressing someone. A colon will suffice.

So it would be:

To the author of this stupid comment: Your grammar sucks.

Rather than:

To the author of this stupid comment; your grammar sucks.

See, I'm directing it at you, the person whose comment is stupid. The semicolon is used to connect two independent clauses together in one sentence, which, in this instance, is not the case.

Take care of yourself "anonymous." May you no longer be mentally constipated.

- Unanimous

Anonymous said...

right is right and left is wrong!!!

Librocrat said...

Really... That's your comment?

freelasabird said...

I'm disappointed nobody tried to defend the works of Tony Robbins.

That would be fun.

Also, I'm surprised that Maury Povich is a conservative. Isn't he married to Connie Chung of Clinton News Network fame?

Librocrat said...

HA! Tony Robbins. Classic. A "Psychologist" on par with Chris Farley's character on SNL.

Really? You're surprised by Maury? I agree with what you wrote, but c'mon, have you ever seen his show? I can see it.

freelasabird said...

I've also seen Jerry Springer's show and it seems like the same schtick.

One is Republican and one is Democrat.

It just seemed odd to me, probably because I knew Springer was a democrat before I'd ever seen Maury's show.

But really, who cares?

Librocrat said...

Agreed. Better to not watch either of them.

noles! said...

WOW!!! and you make fun of the list of Republican supporters...let's look at the some of the Democratic talent: Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Chris Tucker, do I even have to continue?? COME ON!!! You criticize Alex Rodriguez, but obviously the man must have some talent since he just won the 2007 AL MVP award (maybe you're a bitter Rangers fan?)...

and for the moron that asked why Republicans fixate on the political opinions of celebrities... Republicans, such as myself, have a problem with the likes of Rosie O'Donnell and Leonardo DiCaprio aka "Jack Dawson" from Titanic, offering, wait wrong word, SHOVING their opinions in our faces when they have no absolute knowledge of any topic they speak about (DiCaprio on "global warming"). Frankly, it's quite insulting that the global warming opinions of "Jack Dawson" are taken more seriously than those of the FOUNDER OF THE WEATHER CHANNEL!!!!

Librocrat said...

You sadden me.

noles! said...

Your response saddens me. Judging from your sarcastic biting remarks to some of the other comments, I thought you might come up with something a little more interesting...

by the way, which part of my comment saddens you?? the fact that Alex Rodriguez is more talented than 90% of the list of Dem supporters you provided (I won't lie-I love Tom Hanks and Spielberg movies) or the fact that "Jack Dawson" is considered a prominent figure in the fight against "global warming"?

noles! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Librocrat said...

No. It saddens me because you obviously fail miserably to understand the purpose of this list. If you'll note (by... you know... reading) I didn't make any opinion about whether the liberals/democrats mattered, I simply provided a list. The post was a response to someone who is bragging about only 5 Republican donors, none of whom are either impressive or respectable. You attacked the wrong argument.

As for the rest of what you've written, "Jack Dawson" is not a prominent figure in the fight against global warming. He's a prominent figure to Republicans who watch Fox News, because he is an outspoken (outspoken does not equate to prominent - prominent means he is important, whereas outspoken is just because he is a famous person who has an opinion - Paris Hilton is "outspoken" about purses, but no one considers her a prominent figure in purses) advocate for fighting global warming. I don't give a flying fuck about DiCaprio. No one who cares about Global Warming cares about DiCaprio. In fact, I watch TV all the time (sans Fox News) and I didn't even know he spoke out about Global warming, because I don't watch either Entertainment Tonight or Fox News, the only two places that give these people the medium to share their opinion. Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto are the ones who decided to give these famous people a voice, by airing DiCaprio's opinion and then arguing that people like myself care at all about it. "Jack" is allowed to speak his mind, and quite frankly I'm glad he does, but it's not like his speeches are being shown on NBC, CBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, MTV, Bravo, MSNBC, CNN or any other channel. So they are obviously not "forcing" their way on the airwaves. Where are these people shown? Well, they give speeches that people don't have to attend (read:you), they make speeches at the Grammys (if you watch the Grammys, you sadden me even more than you did previously) and they are shown on retarded Fox News shows that claim that they are "offering, wait wrong word, SHOVING their opinions in our faces when they have no absolute knowledge of any topic they speak about."

Oh, wait, that's not a quote from Fox News - that's you. My bad. Regardless, any "shoving" they are doing matters about 0% to people who actually care about fighting global warming, or AIDS, or the war in Iraq. It's those individuals like yourself that choose to take what they say for more than a grain of salt when you could just as easily, you know, not. You should get on that.

As far as the "Weather Channel" comment is concerned, John Coleman is an idiot. I don't want to get into this argument with you, but one moron who happens to own a television channel is not more important than the roughly 500,000,000,000,000,000 scientists who disagree with him. Again, stop caring about the opinions of celebrities/famous people/people with money. They rarely know much about anything.

Oh, and I said I hate Alex Rodriguez, not that he was a bad player. And, although I have now said this enough times that I'm hoping you'll think about it: Him winning the MVP does not make him an expert on political matters either.

Finally: Jessica Alba: WAY HOTTER than Kelsey Grammer. So yeah, I'm pretty proud to have her on my side.

Librocrat said...

This was fun to write. Thanks for goading me into it.

noles! said...

Wow you just equated Fox News and myself to a must feel like a total badass...

Actually ALL of the major networks as well as other media corporations DO report on celebrities' political opinions, not just Fox your research. And seriously, enough with calling Fox News out on being conservative, so what if they are? Like CNN and MSNBC are so fair...come on buddy, you've even got Dan Rather and CBS fabricating stories about the President.

And yea, you did make an opinion about the people on your list, otherwise, you would not have written "Alex Rodriguez- worth mentioning again" On top of that, you also said none of the Republican donors were impressive or respectable..Call me crazy, but that sounds like you have an opinion about them...

On another note, I seriously hope you spent Thanksgiving with your family instead of on your blog, complaining about Republicans, because that would be rather sad. Instead of having a discussion about silly celebrities spewing political nonsense, you personally attacked me and threw around a bunch of curse words...It sounds to me like you are a bitter person. I hope things get better for you.

Librocrat said...

I like you. You type words.

I promise I'll find a fun way to respond later, but right now I may or may not be drunk. Until then...

Librocrat said...

I do not "feel" like a total badass. I am, in fact, a total badass. You should get used to it.

I also did not refer to you as a retard. You may be a retard, you may not be. I don't know you. I responded to Fox News shows as retarded and implied that you basically repeat the propaganda they sell you. If you want to associate yourself with Fox News that closely that you're personally offended when I call Fox News shows retarded, I can't help you.

Now, to respond to your last comment:

Watching CNN, MSNBC and Fox News is not "research." Whether or not CNBC decides to air a clip of Leonardo DiCaprio saying something I don't care about does not mean he himself is "Shoving" it in anyone's face. If you have a problem with it, you take it up with CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. Celebrities don't force news stations to air their voice. Fox News is the station that makes you believe that somehow celebrities are forcing you to believe what they believe, but think about it this way: Convincing you that you should give a crap about what an actor says gives them something to talk about. They're the ones that make what the actor's say important. As I said earlier, people who actually care about serious issues don't care what Rosie O'Donnell thinks. So you should stop caring about them too. You don't like seeing them on TV? Stop watching them when they come on the news. They're allowed to speak their minds all they want. See what you're doing on this blog? You're making a comment about a position that you take. They are doing the same thing. The difference is that news stations show it because they are well known and you, sadly, are not. If you want to blame anyone you can blame the TV channels that play them, but they don't own any stations and force them to play their material, they just speak and Neil Cavuto shows it. Blame Neil Cavuto, then.

MSNBC definitely leans liberal, and I love it. But stop whining about CNN. They're not. They're run by Republicans, most of their main reporters are registered independents... Just because you want to make up some "liberal bias" there doesn't make it true. If you don't want to see so much Bush bashing on television, he should stop fucking up so much. It's pretty easy to seem "liberally bias" if Republicans screw up often enough that there is a never ending supply of stories. If you want there to be an end to the Republican bashing, tell Senator "Wide Stance" and Representative "I touch children" Foley to not screw up so often. They're the ones that are shooting your party in the face, much like Cheney did to his best friend.

Um... when did I say I don't have an opinion of celebrities. I've said... what... 3 times that I hate Alex Rodriguez. You're obviously missing the point. I can have an opinion about celebrities as people, as actors, as whatever I want. What I said to you was: Stop caring about what they think politically. I was laughing because the actors/writers/sports stars that I hate AS actors/writers/sports stars are Republicans. I don't hate them because they are Republicans, I hate them anyway, so them being Republicans only makes me laugh. See, I LIKE Matt Groening, for example, or Lucy Liu. I think Lucy Liu is both hot and a good actress. I don't like Chuck Norris. I think he is an idiot who is a horrible actor. See what I did there? I commented on what they do as their occupation, positively or negatively, but I made no judgment on them based on their political opinions. Had Lucy Liu been one of the Republican donors, I would not have said I hate her. Tom Clancy I hate, Garrison Keillor I do not. This was true before I found out where they donated and it's true after.

Finally, I'm not a bitter person. I'm awesome. If you didn't want me to write like this, you shouldn't have asked me to, because GOD DAMN I love writing like this. Makes me feel like a total badass :).

noles! said...

i type words?? haha i would hope so!!! ok i'm gonna be nice and instead of writing a mean response, i'm just gonna say i def don't agree with your politics in any way whatsoever, BUT you have a cute dog!!! (don't worry i'm a girl) there is my nice deed for the day!!

i also may or may not be drunk...

Librocrat said...

He grew up to be ridiculously handsome, too. I taught him to sit, lay down, speak (bark), bow (literally bow - his head to the floor and his butt in the air), turn (turn in a circle), yawn and high five (oh yes, that's right, my dog high fives). He can also fetch a ball OR a rope on command. He's pretty cool. He turned 1 year old in October and already he's a lady killer.

Pepper said...

The difference is this: Liberals are "feelers", Conservatives are "thinkers." Liberals go by their feelings about issues. Conservatives think the issue through and consider the results and consequences of an action or ideology.

bunnylee said...

Libocrat is a mental midget. I hope to God that Libocrat's rantings are the result of a drug-induced stupor and that Libocrat is not as stupid as he/she sounds!

bunnylee said...

Anonymous doesn't have the gonads to use his/her real name, yet rants on and on about other people and resorts to name-calling, the epitome of someone who has nothing intelligent to say!

Librocrat said...

Wait... Conservatives think? Really? What exactly is that based on? The war in Iraq? Because that went well. How about tapping your foot in the men's room while in a wide stance? Or... I dunno... hitting on 16 year old males via Instant Message in your workplace. Those were some well thought out plans. That "abstinence only" education plan is working well. Good call on that one.

Just because conservatives don't care about other people doesn't mean they think. They do neither. They're like amoebae that can talk and have too much power over people that matter.


Mental Midget? Really? Meh. I called Michelle Malkin a Mental Transient once. I think I like mine more. Midgets are little people that have the same abilities and intelligence as bigger people. Maybe "Mental Pygmy." It has roughly the same meaning, but they're also a tribe of little people in Africa. That at least implies some sort of primal behavior, albeit indirectly.

Librocrat said...

Also, there are two r's in my screen name.

freelasabird said...

Hey Pepper!

Good job "thinking" through that war on iraq issue.

Good job "thinking" through that family values issue.

Oh wait, you sucked at both.

I guess the only thing the right thought through well was how to deny black poor people the right to vote.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the biggest wastes of time I have ever seen. What does it matter if some rich millionare is a republican or a democrat. All you are doing is endorsing and spreading the liberal disease by showing that the people that are in our movies are dumb and misinformed enough to have such twisted views. I personally dont give a RATS ASS whether that deranged Alec Baldwin is a democrat. Modern Democrat views are whats WRONG with America today. Go get a job you liberal scum. Im almost certain your lazy ass is sitting on your couch eating shit food while recieving welfare checks in the mail.

Librocrat said...

Then don't read it.

Anonymous said...

im sorry i did

Librocrat said...

See? We can agree on things. And people say this country is divided. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

its a start

Indepent said...

liberal or liborat or whatever the hell you call yourself.You are simply a moron and i feel sorry for you and a lot of other morons who think like yourself even though i shouldn't.All you are is a fucking wimp who can only talk shit on a computer.You ought to get a life ... oh wait you can't you're too dumb... that brings me back to why i feel sorry for far as you hating the war in Iraq, 95% of our troops over believe in what they're doing.If we never had anyone fight for this country you wouldn't be sitting on your ass all day being able to run you're fucking mouth. I don't know why i'm even posting this.It's so useless.Stupid people like yourself don't listen to/nor understand anything.Actually do some exploring before shooting you're fucking mouth off. Oh yeah and don't listen to rap music.It's a bad influence on people like you.Good luck with your shitty life scumbag

Librocrat said...

Please capitalize when commenting on my blog.

The English language thanks you.

John said...

I cannot believe that Traci Lords is a republican. Holy shit.

Also: how do you manage to attract so many Republicans to your blog? I don't think I've EVER had a politically conservative response to a posting. I was beginning to think all the Republicans had forgotten about reading, or didn't have access to the internet. All they have to do to find me is google "remember everything you know about our asswipe president".

Librocrat said...

I dunno.

Also, I often wonder why they feel the need to comment on a post that is over a year old.

But, to be fair, they are still living in the 19th century. One year may actually be an improvement.

jenyy420869 said...

HA AH Here is what I find appalling. The fact that we spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars on getting our choice candidate elected when in reality they are all elitists. That money would be far better spent helping people, then electing somebody who promises much but does little aside from covering their own ass and causing us more problems then when they started.

Here's a list of Presidents over the last 50 or so years.

JFK- Good president- No Problems and overall viewed as a great president.

LBJ-Bad president- Started an unessecary war, though did do good for the civil rights movement.

Nixon-Bad president- Though a bright spot was Henry kissinger.

Gerald Ford-Bad president- Didn't really do much other than pardon Nixon.

Jimmy Carter-Bad President- Gas prices soared under him and their were many lines for gas as their was a shortage.

Ronald Regan- Good president- Overall he did well as he helped end communism and got the Govt. to invest heavily in the tech sector. Only really bad spot was Iran/Contra.

Bill Clinton- Good president- Living up the name things were slick while he was in office and aside from a dress stain things were fairly calm while he was president.

George Bush- Bad president- Too many to list.

Next Guy- Good president- Either one should be better than the former.

Librocrat said...

I agree with you. Though the degree to which I dislike McCain these days makes it hard for me to "look forward" to anything about him getting elected. Though he will clearly be better than Bush. Though, in some ways, that's like comparing food to feces. "Hey, this may not taste that great, but at least you're not eating shit."

shane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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MJ Romero said...

Hello, I came across your blog and wanted to leave my 'first ever' Blog Comment! Thanks for posting the list! Great information. As a left-leaning person this is good to know. Kind Regards :) MJ in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

It appears that, while conservatives may not have the most on this list..
We do have the best. You can call them losers...
By the way..what's Uma doing these days?
Dale Earnhardt has been dead just shy of 15 years..and still has more name recognition.

Anonymous said...