Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hurrying the Health Care

We need this and we need it now. Anyone that wants to argue that insurance companies aren't boosting health care costs for no reason other than to make greater profit is out of their mind. In two years, with no health problems, doctors visits, etc., my insurance costs have doubled. Seriously - they were 150 (I am young and healthy) and they are now 300. With the exception of aging two years, nothing has changed. This is ridiculous. And this is in addition to the known actions of insurance companies to do what they can to block expensive claims.

Hurry and do something, because these companies are out of control and do not deserve to survive.

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Kristin said...

I wish all people could understand that we are all one serious illness away from an insurmountable debt. I switch jobs and for 15days I was terrified I was going to need my gall bladder removed early. My husband and I kept wondering how we were going to afford to pay for the surgery.