Monday, December 3, 2007

News of the Day

All the men Paris Hilton has slept with over the past few years have come forward... oh, I'm sorry, those aren't the men that Paris has slept with, those are all the men that have slept with Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. That slut.

Also, Iran stopped making Nuclear arms in 2003. So says the U.S. intelligence team (appointed by the Bush government) set to investigate Iran's weapons manufacturing. This goes against everything that Bush has told us for 4 years. WHOOPS! But hey, you know, at least Bush was able to halt the Iran weapon's program. Granted he halted it the year before he claimed it was a problem, but no one said Bush wasn't anachronistic. In fact, right now he has the same brain he had when he was an infant. Weird.

Finally, according to this headline, "Bush and Democrats Renew War of Words." Bush said in a statement: "We're fighting the words there, so we don't have to use them correctly here."

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