Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Happyish Ending

This is not political. Do you recall the story of the Judge who sued his dry cleaner's for 54 million dollars for "losing" his pants? He lost the case and he lost his job. He is, probably, the worst person in the world, and he should be banned from working for anyone, ever. He should be counter sued for his racist and frivolous lawsuit.

The couple was forced to sell their cleaners.

He is the man on the left. His name is Roy Pearson, and he is an embarrassment.

The couple on the right is Jin and Soo Chung. They are not an embarrassment. Please consider these two statements if you happen to meet them in your travels.

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Anonymous said...

what a shame that jin and soo chung sold their cleaners because of an idiot self centered person. but i'm happy that justice has been served already. i just wanna wish the chung goodluck