Sunday, February 17, 2008


There has been a delay in posts recently. But I quit my job last week and I'll be freelancing from home for a while so hopefully the number of posts will pick up.

Until then, pay attention to what Howard Dean does about the Super Delegates fiasco. One thing is clear - if Barack Obama wins the popular vote, but Hillary Clinton wins the nomination because of the Super Delegates, that's going to be a huge issue that will take all of the steam out of the Democratic prowess that they are currently running with. If nothing is fixed, let's hope that Hillary Clinton wins the nomination legitimately.


Domoni said...

Why not compromise with a Clinton/Obama ticket?

Librocrat said...

I'd be okay with that.

Most other people wouldn't. I actually considered writing about that sometime, but it would take a lot of research and, clearly, writing long fact filled posts has not been my strong point of late.

But to summarize quickly: I'd be 100% okay with that, but most people don't think he'd do it, and worry that it would make him look like a Clinton insider which is the very image he's trying not to portray.