Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love Summer

Background: Some years back, my friend and I submitted this to a poetry site to poke fun at the generally meaningless poetry people submitted. The responses we received consisted of: "This really touched my heart. Your summer reminds me of some of mine." and "A puzzling piece, however I love the ambivalence of the words within. I get the feeling the speaker of the poem is searching for something worthwhile within the "efficient chaos", and that he/she feels wrong within the world (the chaotic situation the speaker describes being a metaphor for the world today). A struggle for identity perhaps...Interesting piece." Among many, many others. Sad. After recently posting this elsewhere as a joke, I feel like bringing it back here, so at least I'll be able to refer to it with more ease in the future. Enjoy.

I Love Summer

Blood curdling screams of horror and love
Surrounded by thousands of happy, everlasting bunny rabbits
Squashing them to my amusement and dismay
"Mother!" I cried

A well of darkness flows unkempt
Igniting the flame in the sea of my soul
Molesting my fantasies into nightmares
Belying the powers that are unknown

Chasing the end of a colorless rainbow
Illuminated by the candy rope in the tunnel
Rabid kittens gnaw internally
Meowing softly to the music

My scabbed heart sweats pus
A diuretic page of my thoughts
Expressionless chickens mock me
Efficient chaos ruling nothing

Indecisive 'societies' of war
Vanity lies in the grooves of the make believe
Shards of thought, slicing deeper
I love you too, Pippin


Anthony said...

Damn, I love this poem. I still can't believe some of those comments that came in - good stuff.

Librocrat said...

I've got the rest of them somewhere too. Some are way worse (or better?). In the interest of time, I only posted the first couple I saw.