Monday, April 14, 2008

I Was Unaware That Ben Stein Is Such a Prick

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has to be one of the most sickening films released in the past decade. Controversial? There's nothing controversial about intelligent design, because it's inarguable. You can't dispute it, therefore there is no controversy. What a stupid idea. Intelligent Design is the intellectual equivalent of "duh... I dunno..." and a confused shrug of the shoulders.

That does not mean that creationism couldn't have happened. It means that it's not a controversial topic, because there is nothing to it - it has no substance, it's not a thing, it doesn't exist. It's the name of the theory that you cannot answer a question. Wow. Great. Let's teach our kids that we have no idea about something and we'll never know. Good plan. Next, let's teach our kids to drop out of school since, clearly, there is no reason for them to study anything. Once you teach your students that that the answer to a question is that you can't answer a question, what point is there in teaching them anything. I don't believe death exists because you can't prove life. I don't believe the brain exists because if I try to take it out of my head I'll never be able to see it. Rather than teach science, it makes WAY more sense to teach a brain dead hypothesis that says "hey, you know what? We have no idea. And we've given up trying. Stay in school kids!!!"

But that's not what make this film so stupid. You want to believe in intelligent design? Knock yourself out. Despite how it appears above, I won't think any less of you. But to you Ben Stein, you're on my shit list.

Ben stein, a supposedly Jewish individual, claims that the evolution caused the holocaust and {{GASP}} PLANNED PARENTHOOD! I don't know which is worse!

And to prove his point, he decided to use his education at the Karl Rove Institute for Gorked Media and used images of the Holocaust to prove its point against evolution. My problem with his movie is not that he created a movie about intelligent design. It's that he created a movie and intentionally MADE it controversial by adding some profoundly ignorant and false claims that evolution caused the murder of six million Jews and abortion.

Mr. Stein - Go fuck yourself. I'm revoking your Jewish license. And Clear Eyes sucks. This would bother me a lot more but luckily you don't exist. Disprove it.


Chase said...

I am a Christian and yet I find myself surprisingly understanding your point. Of course, I believe in Creation but I also am aware that we (well the educated ones anyways) can only model the birth of the Universe from up to just something like a billionth of a second after the assumed big bang. According to Hawkings (and I think this is agreed upon pretty much) all laws of science and physics, etc, break down before the point of the singularity. This means nobody can argue or debate ID vs. Evolution. They are separate things.

Librocrat said...

They are. And what to teach in schools has to be what you can prove. You can say you do not know from whence the universe came, but you cannot teach what that imaginary origin is.

In other words, the question: "But where did the big bang come from?" is a good question, the answer being "we do not yet know." But just because we do not know it does not mean it's okay to teach children that there is a "science" claiming it came from god BECAUSE we don't know it. Religion is allowed to answer where the big bang came from, public schools are not. I could say it was not God, it was a giant homosexual amoeba. Am I wrong? You can't prove I'm not.

Also, my main problem with the movie is, of course, the imagery he chooses to use to pretend is film is "controversial." That's sick.

Chase said...

I haven't seen the film, but only because I don't need to read anymore books or movies to "remind" me of what I already believe in faith.