Monday, October 6, 2008

Is it a Strategy or a Tactic?

It seems my earlier post was only part one. The McCain campaign and the Republican Party are working together to try to create conspiracy theories about Obama being a terrorist. Palin starts discussing how Obama has domestic terrorist ties. McCain claims Obama takes illegal campaign contributions and then the Republican Party tells the FEC that Obama is taking contributions from Iran.

Except he isn't. "IR" which the RNC claims stands for "Iran" actually stands for "Information Requested." They know this, since it was widely available to the public, but they are pretending they don't so that the rumor starts to spread amongst the uneducated that Obama may be less than trustworthy.

It is no coincidence that all of this came out within 24 hours. This is a group effort - to use racism and ignorance to win an election. If anyone tells you to define sociopathology, Republican strategists are a good place to start.

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