Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not that Important, Interesting Nonetheless

Several years ago, William Buckley Jr., a conservative, founded the National Review - A Newspaper with a right wing lean. In a way, it is the Fox News of Newspapers, except they generally do not make up facts - only choose what to discuss and believe, and hire almost exclusively conservatives for their editorials.

Buckley's son, Christopher, is equally as conservative and also wrote for the National Review.

Until now.

Despite a like for McCain and his continued conservatism, Chris Buckley endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Needless to say, the subscribers of the National Review were displeased - so displeased, in fact, that his personal opinion of a presidential candidate had thousands of individuals emailing the Newspaper to cancel their subscription - even though the endorsement did not actually take place in the pages of the National Review.

Buckley resigned from his own dad's newspaper.

For an editorial columnist, his endorsement is not that well written. But his reasoning is sound, even for a conservative, as to why someone with his views seems McCain as the wrong pick.

Hint: Palin - big part of that.

Full article here.

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