Thursday, November 20, 2008

Disappointed in My Own Community

One of the interesting aspects of online polling is that it allows far more people to be accessible for cheap - something that is not true with phone and paper polling. One of the least interesting aspects of online polling is that it allows people to game the polls, cheat, lie, and steal - whatever they can to win.

Dailykos readers participated in this type of deceit and slander with a recent college scholarship. A liberal blogger was running against a sports blogger, and in an effort to win once the sports blogger was over 7,000 votes down, he and a few of his friends started scamming Dailykos, posting 1 new story an hour and making up some almost unbelievable lies against the sports blogger. Their hate speech got so strong, that Right Wing blogs thought it would be funny to ask people to vote for the sports writer out of spite. What did the liberal writer do? He claimed that the Right Wing blogs supported the sports blogger because he was a neocon and continued to make up lies to win more votes. With voting coming to a close tonight, it looks like he is going to win the 10,000 dollar scholarship.

Contrary to many of the sports blogger's supporters, I see no real problem with spamming Dailykos - That is one of the main reasons that online polls are stupid, but that is how people win, so okay. But the tactics that this liberal blogger used are ridiculous, and he should be ashamed of himself, as should all other Dailykos commenters who propagated that bullshit. You have given every legitimate liberal a bad name, and you do not deserve any award or respect for what you did.

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