Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unhappy With Your Riches Cuz You're Piss Poor Morally

Some businesses deserve to fail. On Friday I was told I could get a package to Boston on Tuesday, December 2nd for $10.00, or on Wednesday, November 26th if I pay 26.00 for 3 day mail (ironically named considered it would have been 5 days).

I sprung for the 3 day mail so that it would arrive before Thanksgiving. 16 extra dollars for what is essentially 1 business day. It is often referred to as "3 day guaranteed" mail.

Today is Wednesday. Package did not arrive. UPS tracking said that they, without warning, "rescheduled" it for December 2nd - 11 days after I paid for the service, and the same date I could have gotten had I only paid 10.00. The UPS store I went to was more than happy to refund the money, but they had to call the corporate office to get permission, and the corporate office denied any refund. UPS makes $49,700,000,000 per year. They denied a $16 refund for a service which they failed miserably.

There are two cars, a Kia and a Mercedes. The Mercedes is more expensive, but it is better, so you pay the extra money. The company thanks you for your purchase, but rather than give you the Mercedes, the company gives you nothing but an engine, three tires, a back seat and an ash tray, all of which originally came from the Kia. The company sees nothing wrong with this.


The moral? Some companies deserve to go out of business, because they are run by complete morons with [ironically] small packages. While I may support the automotive bailout, that in no way implies that just because a business employs many people it automatically deserves government help if it runs itself into the ground. If UPS ever lobbies for assistance, I'm going to personally go down to Washington and see that they don't get it.

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Jazzy said...

Loved the title and the rant.