Friday, November 9, 2007

It's like the lamest party ever

Really? No Education is complete? Really? Better: No Education is Forgotten. ONCE in includes us.

Anyone have better captions for this?

Thanks to spiiderweb.


freelasabird said...

easy, but it's all i can think of:

"No indoctrination is complete...until it includes us."

Polt said...

yeah, I was gonna go with 'No brainwashing is complete..." but indoctrination sounds better. :)


Librocrat said...

How about: "Twelve Reasons to Never Have Children"


"One of these people is not constipated. Can you spot which one?"


"After sex, these people bite the heads off their lovers for nourishment."

OR (Oh yes, I'm not done)

This is what happens when you compensate for your sexual shortcomings.