Thursday, November 8, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Just so you know, Office Depot sells/gives out your work addresses to furniture and supply stores when you order something using their website, It is in their privacy policy:

Additionally, we partner with trusted third parties to provide Site users with offers or services which may be of value to our users. In such instances, we may share, sell or rent a user's name, phone number, postal address and ordering information to such third parties to enable them to notify appropriate users of such offers or services. We will never provide credit card information and you will always be provided with the opportunity to unsubscribe from any such list.

Personally I think that's retarded that they can make money off of my address, and I encourage people to complain when they start receiving letters in the mail trying to sell them color copiers. If you want to make money off of my address, you should be paying me for it. It's not your address, so why should you make money selling my information.

1 comment:

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