Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick Comment

(Today is also bad metaphor day)

The New Year brings too many things to do. But I wanted to write a quick paragraph about the title and subtitle of an article in the New York Times:

Iraq War Taking Back Seat to Domestic Issues

Economic anxiety may be at least matching national security as a factor driving the 2008 presidential contest as the voting begins.

Now, I ask you: Who are these people that care more about the economy than the Iraq War. That's not to say there is no problem with the economy. I liken the current economy to German Pornography: Sure, there are some people who like watching a man defecate in a woman's mouth, but only the minority is enjoying the benefits while all the rest of us see are a few people that are full of shit. (I stretched that metaphor a bit)

But am I so anxious about the economy that the war doesn't matter? I have a job. Bush isn't going to take that away from me no matter how much he f's up the economy. And I can't fathom that anyone in the cesspool that is the available Republican candidates can do worse than the current president. I don't, for a moment, forget that people are dying in another country. I do forget that the current job growth is not as high as it could be.

If I saw two candidates that I liked equally, and they both had major announcements to make the day before the primaries, and one of them announced: "I am going to take every soldier out of Iraq my first day in office" and another announced "I have a comprehensive plan on the economy that is guaranteed to increase our rate of job growth and personal financial wealth by a sum unheard of in modern history," I will still probably vote for the former. In fact, the latter may even be more important (arguably, not necessarily) as far as the future of this country goes, but I would still vote for the former. I don't see myself back-seating the war any time soon.

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