Saturday, March 15, 2008

Light Posting

Sorry for the light posting. I have severe (and severely painful) tonsillitis and the medications aren't working. Over 10 days now. Damn.

But for a quick update before I take more painkillers and collapse for the night:

  1. Superdelegates are the stupidest thing ever.
  2. No matter what happens with the Democratic primaries, John McCain would make a terrible president.
  3. I got a paper in the mail telling me I may or may not get money from the government to boost the economy. Every taxpayer should have received one. I want to you to consider for a moment how much money it probably cost the government to send that stupid, useless form to everyone in the country. Then I want you to remember that another letter is coming telling us how much we get back, and then another one with the check itself. What a tremendous waste of money.
  4. Tucker Carlson is gone. Good.


Polt said...

I believe the amount to send those forms was something like $42 million dollars.

And where is Tucker gone from???

Librocrat said...

If they gave me the 42 million dollars, I would personally see that everyone in the country knew they were getting a refund and not have to kill any trees.

Tucker's crappy show on MSNBC was canceled, thanks to it being crappy. It's crappiness is being replaced by a better show starring the guy who comes on after Olbermann. He's still a "correspondent" for MSNBC which I'm pretty sure means "we know you have no job, we'll bring you on our debate shows once in a while."

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