Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tryin' to Hold Back This Feeling For Soooo Long.

John: George?

George: Yes, John?

John: Oh, nevermind.

George: What is it, John?

John: Well... it's just... um... Does this skin make my neck look fat?

George: Of course not, John. Why would you ask me that?

John: Thanks... ...Hey George?

George: Yes, John?

John: That wasn't really my question.

George: I didn't think so, John. Go ahead, ask me.

John: Well... I mean... Do you think we're good together?

George: What do you mean, John?

John: It's just that... sometimes.... Gosh, I'm trying to find the words. Stay strong John, Stay strong - don't let him see you cry. Do not let him see you cry... It's just that......... Sometimes I feel like we're growing apart. Like, we don't connect the way we used to.

George: Oh, John. You know that's not true. We are basically the same person.

John: I know... it's just that... well... Do you think we're right for each other?

George: John, you know how I feel about you. And I know how you feel about me. What we have between us is real.

John: But the press said....

George: The Press is Wrong John! The press will never understand the kind of connection we have. Once you start letting the press get to you, John, then... then... Sigh... John, when I endorsed your bid for presidency, I wasn't just endorsing you because I thought you'd do as well as me. I endorsed you because I honestly believe in your passion, your love, your care.

John: Oh you're just saying that...

George: Have I ever lied to you? Who stays up at night, just to watch you sleep? Who occasionally let's you be the "top" when I know you have to sit for a long time in the Senate chamber because I know how much you hate it when your tushy aches? And who is it that brings you orchids - pink - because I know that they're your favorites.

John: Oh George... I love you.

George: I love you too, John. Come over here and give me a hug like there's nobody around.

John: Don't ever leave me, George.

George: Never, John. Never.

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kurt said...

" oh George thanks for not swift boating me again"