Friday, May 9, 2008

Barack Obama for President in 2008

This entire election, I've refrained from choosing between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (as well as John Edwards and Bill Richardson when they were in the race) for the Democratic Nominee. This was because I have tremendous respect for both. Barack Obama is an amazing speaker, a proud liberal and a good politician. Hillary Clinton is a brilliant political mind who, although she may not be as liberal, would clearly be able to accomplish a lot and make fewer mistakes than possibly any president in history. By coming out on one side or another, I felt like I would have been demonstrating some type of dislike for the other candidate, which would have been erroneous. I liked all of them, and whoever was chosen I would have both accepted and been satisfied with.

But now the primaries are coming to a close, and I have decided that, although the election is not yet over, I am going to support Barack Obama outwardly from this point out. The man is a fantastic candidate. He can win. He's the one.

I would still support Hillary Clinton if she got the nomination, and I wouldn't whine or groan. She's still an amazing candidate and she is still a political genius - possibly better than her husband. But I did not think she would be the type of politician that would purposely help ruin her party just to get the nomination. She should be dropping out. I expected her to drop out. She has not dropped out. It is difficult for me to respect someone that puts the presidency over the Democracy.

So here's to Barack Obama. You have my support and blessing. Time to get out there and beat the fucking shit out of John McCain. Make him cry.


Domoni said...

"She's still an amazing candidate and she is still a political genius"

I don't believe she should pull out of the race until it is over. Obama has a slight lead. Slight.

By staying in the race she has kept the Democratic party in the news almost every single day. I rarely hear a McCain story.

These two are the best the Democrats can put forth. One shouldn't drop out to pretend half the primary voting Democrats didn't vote. At the convention I hope someone has the sense to convince "a proud liberal" and "a political genius" that they need to run as a ticket for the good of a wounded country.

Librocrat said...

I can get behind everything you have said. Any way to block McCain is a good one. Though that is on the condition that this becomes a 100% clean and respectful campaign for both sides from here on out. Negative publicity is not always good publicity, just because it is free publicity.