Thursday, May 29, 2008


As Jon Stewart said, why would anyone not want an elitist for president? If my president didn't think he was better than me for the job, then why in the world would I want him there?

There has been far too much on the news about "working class voters" and who can win there vote. Since Hillary Clinton can, somehow that makes her a better candidate with them than with Barack Obama.

Something is wrong with that. "Working class voters" are essentially uneducated voters (as is used by the media, not in real life). And quite frankly I don't see how the vote a dude that drinks too much beer at the local tavern after spending all day cleaning the streets is more important than mine.

Is it less important? No. But his opinion on politics is. And the reason it is is because "working class voters" are not simply poor individuals trying to make a salary at a low end job, or people that did not graduate high school due to their drug problems. Working class voters, according to the media, are the people who generally don't pay attention to or care about politics. The people who still think Barack Obama is a secret Muslim, because they're too lazy to bother to find out it is false. I don't care about their opinion. Stop interviewing them on TV.

In fact, there should be a quiz before you are allowed to vote:

1) Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
2) Do you care about a flag pin more than the war in Iraq?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of these, you should immediately have your voting license suspended until 2012.

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