Friday, May 23, 2008

La Di Da Di We Likes To Pardon

We won't cause trouble, we won't bother nobody we're just some rappers that's on the mic, and when they rap up on the mic the rap the mic right.

That's... not accurate. Anyway, the new New York Governor, David Patterson, pardoned British rapper "Slick Rick" for trying to shoot his cousin and shooting a bystander in the foot.

Meanwhile, 143,12346,2,7457,3865,845,9,469,46494679437362,315435,2,523452346 people are still imprisoned for Marijuana. Good to know our priorities are in the right place.


I propose a permanent banning of the word "Veep"


John McCain does not have cancer. That means that I can continue to hate him without feeling guilty about it. So I approve. Good on you, McCain. Way to not be dying.

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