Friday, May 16, 2008

What is Wrong with the Republican Party

Here is everything that is wrong with the Republican Party, summarized in this New York Times photo:

John McCain. Eagle. Flag. NRA. You're not "More American" because you're too stupid to win arguments with your brain. And John McCain showing up specifically to impress gun wielding Americans should be a sign to gun wielding Americans that they are a disrespected demographic.

Also, if we are going to allow individuals with sub-100 IQ's to have guns, they should at least be required to carry this one:

That way, if you want to have a gun in your house, at least it's the absolute most feminine gun possible. Now you can make a choice: Either accept guns that are naturally emasculating or don't get one. I'd say that's a fair trade.


Heather said...

I find it amazing that Liberals want to take away the right to bare arms; a right that the founding fathers penned in ink, into the Constitution.

But they will fight with their dying breath to give us the right to an abortion, a right that at best requires a room full of lawyers to even suggest might be constitutional!

I can show you the right to bare arms; can you show me the right to abortion or even the right to privacy?

The word privacy does not even appear in the Constitution; the word arms does!

Librocrat said...

You're right, "arms" does. You are allowed to have both of your arms.

"The right to bear arms" means the "right to defend yourself" not the "right to have a semi automatic rifle." If I had a jar that had 5,000 jellybeans, and I said you can help yourself to some jellybeans, that does not mean you take the whole jar.

You want a small gun for protection? Knock yourself out. But if you think that a gun that fires 500 bullets with no accuracy is A-OK, even though it has no purpose other than for killing people, than something is very wrong with you.