Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"A Terrorist Fist Jab"?

Apologies in advance for the profanity

Fox News anchor E.D. Hill decided that one of the most common gestures in the United States is not a "pound," not a "fist bump," no - it is a "terrorist fist jab."

What the fuck is wrong with you?! Are you that stupid that you think a well known gesture is a "terrorist fist jab?" Are you retarded? You hosted a show called "AMERICA'S PULSE." How could someone that hosts a show that's entire premise is that they are in touch with America be so incredibly fucking stupid that they would consider it a terrorist gesture.

E.D. Hill got fired yesterday. No one deserves it more. And if you are stupid enough to think that a fist pound is any gang sign, secret black pride gesture, or anything other than the simple meaning it has had for over a decade, don't ever vote.

Hey, check it out! More terrorists!


shakaplan said...

Two words ...


This kind of profound stupitidy should come as a shock to no one. In fact, we should just treat Fox News like it's the Jerry Springer show. We know it's meant to be real, but it's all staged for entertainment.

Librocrat said...

My only response:

"Terrorist Fist Jab" is going to be one of favorite phrases for a long time. At least until Bill O'Reilly decides to call the high five an "Impotent Rapist Hand Slap."