Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barack's Middle East Trip

"Like a Midnight Stroll Through the Streets of Detroit."

John McCain's last trip to Iraq involved him, surrounded by military even while in the "Green Zone." talking about how it was incredibly safe. No one cared.

Meanwhile, Obama is in Iraq and every channel is sitting, waiting, hoping for either a spectacular blunder or a whirlwind of hope they can report on.

John McCain claims that there is a Media love affair with Barack Obama. Perhaps that's true. Though what he should be asking is why there is no love affair with him? No matter how charismatic Obama is, there must be a reason that McCain is pushed aside. Why?

Probably because the media does not want to report on old white men that spew the same propaganda they have been hearing over the last 8 years. There is nothing exciting about "Stay the Course," and they get no benefit from reporting on it, because no one thinks that is a good idea anyway.

But he should not be complaining. If McCain is going to win, it's because he is not reported on. He has already made several dozen horrific mistakes that, if he had the same media coverage as Obama, he would have been called upon and look like a total idiot. Instead, when he fails to understand that there is no Iraq/Pakistan border, it is generally ignored in favor of the new kid on the block, and he gets to pretend it never happened.

John McCain is an idiot. It is much harder to like an idiot when you are constnatly reminded of his presence. He should welcome this lack of coverage and thank God every day he does not get the crap he deserves.

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Marcel Parcells said...

True. And the fact that McCain's new strategy consists of drawing attention to Obama's popularity is not a good sign for him either.