Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fourth

At Gasworks park, we were so close to the fireworks that ashes were flying into our eyes. July 4th has never seemed like a patriotic day, despite how much the entire holiday is based on patriotism, but these past few years have been especially lacking in USA pride.

One of the reasons that Barack Obama's oratory ability is actually an important aspect of his presidential candidacy is because we need him to help bring the patriotism back so that it is possible to remember the good in this country again. Bush ruined that, and despite how much we may still care about the country (otherwise we would not care who got elected in November) there is a difference between caring about the country and being patriotic. It's going to take more than simply a good president to bring that back. It is going to take someone that can incite patriotism - like a movie character that helps his compatriots band together.

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marcoguythefirst said...

i don't think bush made it less patriotic i think it was all the liberals complaining about him and saying things like "I'm moving to Canada if bush is reelected" that causes a lack of patriotism. and the years following 9/11 have been especially patriotic. i agree that America should be more patriotic but don't blame bush. he's already blamed for every other problem on earth