Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Loses the Election for McCain

There are a lot of issues that could lose this election for John McCain.

  • There is Iraq, where he advocates a failed system.
  • There is foreign policy, where his theories are the intellectual equivalent of shooting people that walk near his lawn.
  • There is gay rights, where he was for it, then against it, then for it only when people who were also for it were near him.
  • There is abortion, where he was pro choice, then not pro choice, then pro choice only when people who were also pro choice were near him.
  • There is age, where his face is beginning to look like an adult diaper, and he probably also wears one.
I am inclined to think, however, that this story may be the story that does him in if it is properly utilized. It is that John McCain cashes his social security checks, totaling up to 20,000 dollars per year, while his wife made 6 million dollars last year and he himself made almost 200,000. And, in spite of taking that excess money from the government, he continues to say that Social Security is a failed system.

While anyone will admit there are problems with social security, most of those problems are the result of Republican politicians. And if he believes that social security is bleeding the government of money, perhaps he should, say, turn down Social Security benefits which he has the absolute right to do since he has 6.2 million dollars as of this past year alone.

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