Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today, I had a shotgun in my face

I jumped a fence to see if I could bother a friend of mine (his fence, his house). It was 2 in the morning. No one else is awake. The next door neighbor jumped out of his window and pointed his shotgun at me. I had to explain my presence.

Retards should not be allowed guns. I should not have to explain myself to a fucking idiot with a shitty job, because another fucking idiot decided that he needed to protect his neighbor's yard with a gun that could kill 3 people with one shot, even though he had no fucking idea what was going on and it wasn't his fucking house.

Fuck the NRA.


marcoguythefirst said...

are you serious
this man should be given a medal
he is protecting his neighbor from criminals
if you saw a person jump over the fence into your neighbors yard at 2 in the morning wouldn't you be curious as to whats going on
and if you were brave enough and cared enough about your neighbor to go out and confront the guy then wouldn't it be intelligent to bring a gun to protect yourself. most criminals carry weapons and you obviously looked like a criminal. your rudeness and shear tones shows your lack of intelligence

Librocrat said...

Your capitalization and grammar are evidence of yours. He also did not see me until he jumped out with his gun. I was behind his window. Hence I could not have "looked like a criminal" because he didn't look at me before he jumped out.

Also, he is a crack head. Not figuratively, he is an actual crack head. He does crack. He has dealers over to deal him crack. And he is allowed a gun. You think about that the next time you think your logic is intelligent.