Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some Points and Poorly Worded Quickly Typed Rant

- In McCain's speech, he used the phrase "They Broke Me." That was him saying that the torture was so bad that he gave away government secrets. Now, I don't blame him for that - torture is a terrible thing. So then why does he support it?
- Throughout all of the Republican speeches, none of them were about what they plan on doing with the country. All of them, somehow, were still about John McCain representing change. None of them explained why.
- Sarah Palin has now said twice as an example of how she is against pork barrel spending that she did not want money for the "Bridge to Nowhere." Sarah Palin not only asked for money for the bridge, she also begged for the money, got the money, started plans on building the bridge and when the funding became a national embarrassment led by none other than John McCain, she cancelled the bridge but did not give any of the money back. I can't believe this isn't a bigger deal.
- Mitt Romney called both the executive and the judicial branch of the government "liberal." This man is a tremendous idiot.
- "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHA Community Organizers? What a fucking joke! Fuck you, people that want to make the world a better place."
- Flip flopping worked on John Kerry because some people are really really stupid. John McCain has "flip flopped" more, all of them are documented on video, all of them are about very serious Republican issues (tax cutting, abortion, religious conservatism) and John McCain is not going to lose any votes. Think about that for a second: Stupid people did not vote for the Democrat because he may have changed his mind. Stupid people are still voting for McCain even though he did to. Nothing about that reflects well on the Republican party.
- "It's close to Russia" may be the absolute stupidest qualification in the history of American politics.

At this point I think something needs emphasizing. If Obama loses this election, it will have absolutely nothing to do with him being black. Zero. There were all of these stupid quotes from pundits that said "They may say they support Obama, but as soon as they get to the voting booths, when they have to choose a black president, many of them will not be able to mark the bubble."

Bullshit. It will have nothing to do with it. If Obama loses, it is because a signficantly large portion of America is unintelligent.

Had Obama not been winning until now I could not say that with as much confidence as I can now. But he was winning going into the convention, and the convention was a non-stop barrage of false information. The current government is a liberal government? Sarah Palin did not support the bridge? Barack Obama attacked Palin's family?

All of those speeches were interesting. They were not badly performed. But they were complete falsities. Some of them (Palin's bridge, again, as an example) were not just misguided but literally just lies. They are simply things that were not true in the slightest - in fact, they were the opposite of things that really did happen.

To those that were swayed by thes speeches, I want to put what the Republicans did into a perspective that you may understand:

Say your mother bought a brand new puppy as a surprise birthday gift. You have always wanted a dog, and your mom thought this puppy would be the one thing to make you truly happy. This puppy would be very important to you. Your mom asks the Republicans to watch it until you get back from your vacation. While you are gone the Republicans brutally anal rape your puppy and then roast it on an open flame. You come home and there is black ash on the lips of the Republicans and a fork in their hands. There is video evidence and paper documents explaining the entire event, as well as news stories about it happening. There are even adoption papers for the puppy available, as well as photos of your mom buying it for you and her holding a sign that says "this is your present."

But before you even find out the puppy exists, the Republicans say "Hi. Welcome back to your empty home. Just so you know, if you ever got a puppy, we would never anally rape it or eat it like the Democrats would." And you have believed them, because you took their word for it and never bothered to check that the proof is right in front of your face. Sarah Palin literally brought up a bridge that no one knew about as an example of something she did when in reality she did the exact opposite. She mentioned it first with the hopes that you are too stupid to look up the documented evidence to the complete contrary. And Republican politicians did similar things the entire convention.

For those that were impressed by the Republican convention: These people are purposely talking down to you, assuming you are too stupid to look up the truth for yourself. Don't let them.

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shakaplan said...

I think you're right when you say that the Dems won't lose because Obama's black. I have friends who feel differently, they really believe in a latent racism in this race. I think racism is rampant in this country, don't get me wrong, but they aren't the votes we need. Perhaps the racism is between the lines, but every Dem I've talked to who doesn't like Obama talks about his policies, not his skin color. In fact, his race rarely comes up.

It will be the shortsightedness of the American people that will derail this race.