Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fundementals of Our Economy Are Strong

So, so true. Using that same logic, here are a number of other things that are true:

- Fox News is fair and balanced.
- The Bridge to Nowhere goes somewhere.
- The Muppets are based on the characters from Casablanca.
- MySpace is user friendly.
- The most effective way to get over depression is to cut yourself.
- Mosquito bites are love bumps by Jesus.
- Sarah Palin is qualified to be President.

That one line may have singlehandedly lost him over 200,000 votes or more from people who now realize he's an idiot.


One more quick thought on the Palin pick:

One of the things picking Sarah Palin did was it brought John McCain back into the spotlight. Before the conventions, Barack Obama was on every channel and John McCain was barely mentioned. This brought a lot of complaints by the McCain campaign about unfair coverage.

But it was that unfair coverage that allowed John McCain to get away with the numerous mistakes he was making throughout his campaign. His geography mistakes, his accidentally saying he wants to bomb Iran and Russia before getting corrected by Lieberman, the blatantly incorrect statements about the economy, foreign policy, and his own voiced political beliefs...

But with Palin, John McCain has thrown himself back on stage. This may make the McCain campaign happy, but it shouldn't, because now his mistakes are finally being reported on as well, and his complete incompetence is finally a news story.

In other words, there is a chance that his new popularity is what loses him the election. He may have had a better chance if he had simply stayed in the shadows, feeding on children's dreams or whatever else he does.

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