Monday, September 8, 2008

Off Topic - What Are Dog Years?

I'm fairly positive that the entire population of the world has "dog years" wrong. People often refer to a dog's age in terms of "Dog years," like in the sentence:

"My dog is 5 in dog years, which is about 40 in human years."

Wikipedia, every dog site in the world - they all refer to the age of the dog in this manner. But this just wrong. 5 years may be equivalent to 40 human years, but the 5 years that passed are still 5 human years.

So if someone says "My dog is 7 in dog years." My response is "Ah, so hasn't he been alive for 7 human years?" And the answer is "yes."

The dog is 5 in human years. 5 human years is the equivalent, to a dog, as 40 (or 35 or 45 depending on the weight of your dog). So it should be 40 dog years. The time is measured in human years, and so it should be referred to in human years. When 7 human years pass, whatever the equivalent is should be called "Dog years" because that is the rate to which the dog aged. I am not 40 years older when 7 "dog years" pass, because it was 7 human years that passed, not dog years.

Wow that bugs me.

(note: the embedded chart is the only one that I saw that had it right)


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