Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watching the Republican Convention

Smaller arena, less enthusiasm. Still, it is interesting to see what the other side has to say.

While I am admittedly bias, when I hear these officials, politicians and delegates speak, I can't help but feel unimpressed. I'm not talking about the main speakers (there really haven't been any since I started watching) I am talking about the interviews. The "hope" in their voice seems fake and disingenuous. They say things about how Sarah Palin "is qualified" because "John McCain chose her" which is obviously bullshit, and they express that somehow McCain represents all of the Republican values that he has tried to distance himself from.

John McCain is not an exciting candidate, and while I cannot blame Republicans for trying to make him sound like an exciting candidate, I can't help but feel that it is obscenely obvious that they are lying. Few of them know how to say Palin's last name, many of them admit to not knowing anything about her, yet say that this pick makes perfect sense and was done for the good of the country, not out of a hasty political decision.

While it is unlikely that their interviews are going to affect the election at all, I can't help but feel as though they are going to struggle to experience any gains simply because it is implicitly obvious - if not explicitly so - that they are making statements they don't believe in the hopes they will win the election.

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