Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Your assistance is appreciated for these two issues:

First, I need an original idea for a 1000 word article about politics that manages to be both about current events but also can be published anytime within the next month and not be considered outdated. (For example, one idea I had was for the "Ron Paul Phenomenon" - but the topic doesn't necessarily need to be a presidential candidate)

Second, I put this Digg script on the blog so that I have the "Digg This" in the top right corner. Now I'd like to get rid of it, but I can't remember the scripting and doing a find and replace for the word "Digg" did not produce any results. Thoughts? Edit: Domoni is awesome.


domoni said...

It looks like you used this method:

You should be able to undo it in your template. I'd try the classic code view.

Librocrat said...

You have easily become my favorite person of all time.

pdb said...

You should do a piece on why - not how, but why - the media keeps covering elections like they do. There's been lots of meta-articles lately (taibbi's latest Rolling Stone being the most prominent) about the awful media doing things awfully, but there's been no real examination of WHY - it's all been "oh look at the media aren't they awful let's do it again".

Librocrat said...

If I can figure out a way to outline that so that it fits into 1000 words, that's a pretty good idea. The place I'm submitting it is an alternative media website, so they'd probably appreciate that.