Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let's Hold Hands...

...And pray that anyone but Mike Huckabee wins in Iowa.

I'm accepting guesses on what happens after the results today:

- Two days from now, I expect Fred Thompson to bow out.
- Ron Paul will stay in, though he will lose a little bit of support. He will quit immediately and angrily after New Hampshire.
- Mitt Romney will win in Iowa. He will place third in New Hampshire but call the results "Bologna"
- McCain will place third in Iowa, first in New Hampshire.
- Huckabee will get second in Iowa and, God willing, bow out immediately.
- Duncan Hunter will quit the race today, immediately after the results, and he will hold a press conference endorsing McCain.
- Biden will quit the race tomorrow. Mike Gravel will stay in, though no one knows why.
- Kucinich will quit the race immediately after New Hampshire. Chris Dodd will leave two days later.

Those are my guesses.

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