Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy Day Yesterday

I had to collaborate with a friend of mine (who was busy playing the closed Beta version of Warhammer Online) and it ended up being a very difficult process so I didn't have a chance to write about the choice of Joe Biden as a running mate.

Overall, the thoughts are:

- Biden is a great person, a great speaker, and incredibly likeable
- Ironically, Biden is not that well liked
- The choice is good in that Biden will make a great vice president
- The choice is bad because Obama played it safe and chose someone that may not bring in other voters.
- Wesley Clark would have been better
- Biden is still a great guy

So who knows. It is simply too hard to know for sure what is effective these days. I wrote numerous posts about how stupid McCain's ads were, and somehow they convinced some losers somewhere that he must be a good candidate, because his rating surged dramatically. But whatever. It's a sad day when Warhammer Online has better characters than this country, but at least the Olympics brings back some of that patriotism.

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