Monday, August 25, 2008

PUMAs - A Swift Boat?

The PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) Hillary Clinton supporters are trying to disrupt the convention, making such ridiculous claims as that Barack Obama is a "registered Muslim" from a "Secret report" that they "won't tell the news" about.

Hillary Clinton herself has told her supporters to vote for Obama, yet these self proclaimed PUMAs refuse to, and claim that all of the propaganda they are distributing they are doing for Hillary Clinton, despite Hillary Clinton herself telling them not to. Clearly that is not support, so what's up?

What about the idea that this is another form of Swift Boating. What if these "PUMAs" are financed by an outside source in order to bring down Obama without it appearing that the right is involved?

This is pure speculation - but the entire premise of the PUMA (to support Hillary Clinton) simply does not exist. They are not supporting her at all, yet claiming they are. Why? Is it possible that there are other motives, such as a more elaborate attack plan financed by an outside source? Or is this simply some strange phenomenon where these supporters have jumped off the deep end and don't understand that they are doing no one any good.

It would be interesting to see what they do after Clinton speaks during the convention. I would not be surprised if a story comes out with in the next two weeks about the PUMAs being financed by the same person that paid for the Swift Boating of Kerry, or something similar.

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