Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not to be Outdone, McCain May Choose Lieberman

Obama may be picking his running mate by Friday, and it is widely expected to be one of:

- Joe Biden
- Kathleen Sebelius (I, personally, think this would be a bad choice since it is too obvious why he chose her)
- Evan Bayh

There was also rumor that Obama may choose a Republican, though that appears to have slowly diminished.

So McCain's short list has been talked about often. And on his short list, the following names:

- Mitt Romney
- Joe Lieberman

Wait... What?

First off, no one likes Romney. Nobody. He lost for a reason, and that reason is that he's awful in every way. That is a bad, bad choice.

And Liebarman... is no different. No one likes him, he's a Democrat that won't bring in any Democrats, and Republicans only like that he was once a Democrat.

These choices make absolutely no sense. So... Um... Get on it, McCain! McCain/Lieberman or McCain/Romney '08! WOO!

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