Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Time Magazine, Now Racism Weekly

As the Don Imus story begins to grow cold, it is time to lay blame with those who have deserved it. MSNBC recently fired Imus, followed today by CBS. Imus claims that he is not to blame. He was simply making a joke that got out of hand.

But if that's true, whose fault is it?

YOURS! That's right, it's YOU! Wow, first you're Time Magazine's person of the year and now this!

Now, I don't mean it is necessarily YOUR fault. But it is the fault of every individual who listens to so called "Shock jocks" like Don Imus, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and the T-Man Show (Seattle), among others. YOU choose to listen to self-righteous fleas who make more money than you by negatively referencing women and minorities. YOU give them that money. If Imus had called the Rutgers team "Nappy Headed Hos" with his small group of friends after a long day of flipping burgers at work, who would care? No one. Because he said an ignorant joke that most people would not say but still was, indeed, a joke. But YOU gave him the outlet.

Who can forget Limbaugh's gems, like "The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies."

He still averages 20 million listeners.

People make jokes. Bad jokes can be misunderstood to appear sexist even if the person is not actually a sexist. But the issue is you. You, who listen to the scum sucking leeches every morning on your way to the office. You, who watch these dipshit jingoists on television do absolutely nothing of value. You, who revel in their vacuous rhetoric and barren bombast. You give value to their otherwise worthless words.

Listen - If you surround yourself with friends who make racist, bigoted jokes on a regular basis, chances are you're probably a racist. Similarly, if you listen to some dumbass on the radio consistently make ignorant, inflammatory remarks, chances are you're an ignorant dumbass as well.

So stop listening to them and they will stop. Stop giving them some kind of importance. Turn off your damn radio, and they will disappear with it.


Anonymous said...

Point 1:You must never have listened to Howard STern. He has stated for decades that Imus was a racist. He could never believe the guy still had work. Now, all the truth comes out about how he treated his co-workers after the corporations made money on him. Point 2: You have no sense of humor and walk around with a chip on your shoulder all day, I am certain, based on your comments here. I enjoy this website but jeez, get a sense of humor, will ya? Imus, Rush, Ann Coulter, etc - yes, throw them all into a pile but only after you are sure they are what you call them. Listen to them or read their writings first before making judgements that you might have heard another source say. Stern is not one of these and that is what convinces me you only listen to what you've been told by others with a vendetta. Remember, even his own peers turned him into the FCC even though they were riding on his coat tails. Now, they are whining about non-existent ratings since he went to satellite. Alot of what you heard was made up for the media. Even now, there are negative stories circulating about him to discredit him because he has 6 million countable listeners on satellite. The same media, radio broadcasters, are desperate so they set up these stories in the media to discredit him. Listen to him and only after you get a sense of humor.

Librocrat said...

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