Monday, April 23, 2007

Good to See News Again

I'm still on the fence about whether or not it is a good thing to see Virginia Tech and Cho Seung-Hui not be the top search terms anymore. I think it is a good thing, because it is a sign that we are beginning to accept it and have moved passed the worst stages of the tragedy.

I chose not to post the last few days for a variety of reasons. First, my previous post was an Iraq Music Video (To the song of "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru) I made and put on YouTube, and I was hoping more people would see it (it took me 3 days and a month of ideas and planning). Few of my visitors watched it, but those that did gave it a great reception and I'm pleased with that. Most of my visitors were most pleased with my wheel of fortune photo that I generated, and I suppose that pleases me too.

But I do encourage people to visit my previous post by clicking the link here.

And giving me 5 stars on YouTube, of course.

However, I had a few final thoughts on Virginia Tech that I would like to open for discussion:

1) I don't think it is wrong of NBC to play the clips. I think if they hadn't played them just as many people were complaining that they were sitting on something important - and worse, the videos could come out weeks or months later, forcing the families to relive it again. Better they come out now for discussion and get it over with.

2) I don't care that Cho Seung-Hui was quiet. I don't. I don't care that he kept to himself, I don't care that he was anti-social. All I care about are the "why?" and the "who?" I care about the people who were killed, not the killer. And the only interest I have in the killer is the "Why" and an individual being "quiet" is not an answer to that question. Lots of people are quiet. My roommate is quiet. That's not informative, that doesn't open anyone's minds, that doesn't solve any problems.

3) I don't think there is anything that could have been done. Although it could be argued that the leadership at Virginia Tech should have notified all the students of the shooting, as someone who did not graduate that long ago, I can guarantee you that if someone told me that two people were killed in the dorms, I would have felt bad, worried about who it was, and gone to class as usual. It wouldn't have stopped me. This was a horrible tragedy, and I don't think anything could have been done to stop it.

I welcome your thoughts on these, though. The talking points above are malleable at this point, so I'd like to know what you believe.

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Norm! said...

1) I agree with your point that NBC had to show the murderer's video. However, I think the timing of the release could have been better and NBC should have risked being scooped on this one. However, now that it has played, the story is over and Cho will soon be forgotten.

I thought it was really tacky for NBC News to plant their logo on the release. It's not like they obtained the video through hard investigative reporting. Nor should NBC be proud that a crazed gunman prefers their news coverage.

2) Was Cho quiet? From what I hear, many people thought he was disturbed and even tried to help him. What's more interesting is that people thought there was a problem, but privacy laws seemed to impede efforts to stop this guy.

3) Hindsight is 20/20 and it's a little too easy to blame VT's leadership. But it seems they gambled the lives of their staff and students on the hopes of downplaying another police action on campus. The students and staff should have been notified of the shooting and that the gunman was still on the loose and unknown.