Monday, April 9, 2007

News from the Smaller Blogs

It's time to give the smaller liberal blogs a shout out. Here are recent posts from smaller blogs:

Too Saucy analyzes the movie "The Lake House." The first line of the review:

"Do not, repeat, do not ever allow yourself to be finagled into watching an abortion called "The Lake House."
Disinterested Party reviews one "Scholar's" opinion of evolution - namely that the earth is 10,000 years old.

Silent Lucidity has an article about the recent story about Bush almost blowing himself up with a Hydrogen car.

Liberal College Kid saw Al Gore on Campus.

Truman's Conscience has local Florida Democratic party news.

Iowa Liberal talks about Barack Obama visiting Iowa recently.

Jefferson Davis is inspired.

Crimson, White and Indigo shares various links, including this one, about Nuking Jupiter.

The Flatland Almanac Chronicles has a post about judging the eggs of America.

Speaking of Ashes has an article about racism.



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liberalcollegekid said...

Hey! Thanks for including us on here! It's great to see someone giving shout outs to the smaller liberal blogs.