Thursday, April 26, 2007

Freemerican Victernity Made in China

Is there going to be an end to the Freemerican Victernity Made in China (aka Iraq war - via the Colbert Report)?

No. But at least the Senate passed the spending bill that tells Bush to withdraw his troops by April 2008 passed today.

Whoopdy woo. Bush will veto it. There is no surprise there, and the problem is that Bush can veto anything he wants. I think they should take the veto power away from him. You don't give an infant a nail gun. That's too much power for such an immature person.


Unrelated question, does anyone think that a debate with 8 candidates actually changes anyone's mind? Anyone? I don't think Bill Richardson or Kucinich gained any points for appearing. Well, Kucinich may have garned some creepy old man votes from people who thought his 29 year old wife was hot.

Say hello to Elizabeth Harper Kucinich - future first lady?

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