Thursday, June 21, 2007

Draft Bloomberg, 2008

Another Mayor of New York? What?

No, don't draft Michael Bloomberg to win (each letter is a different link). Draft him because it will finally take votes away from Republicans, for once. Damn you Nader.

Although, it is a tough call to tell whose race his candidacy as an independent will affect more. He is, and always has been, essentially a Democrat. But as a Republican he was popular - amongst other Republicans. And just as these "independents" and "moderate republicans" still voted for Bush in 2004, so too will they vote for as close to a Republican as they can - again. Bloomberg can easily steal all the disappointed Ron Paul voters, and that small difference could mean a landslide victory in states like Florida and Ohio, which have been so close the last two elections.

We'll see what happens in time. Vote Blue in '08.

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Citizen Smith said...

What about the rest of us?

The Draft Michael Bloomberg movement has recently launched a new blog and discussion forum. For the latest and greatest about the growing grassroots effort, check us out.