Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News of the Week

Too much to do, too much time playing "RoShamBull" on facebook.

Stop making fun of me.

Now, for the news:

- Harriet Miers was going to be called in to testify about the attorney firings, but she was so unqualified to testify before a panel, that congress voted she not actually speak.
- Bush gets his watch stolen in Albania by his adoring fans.

He is also pregnant.
- Judge denies bail for Robert Soloway, the "Spam King." In unrelated news, it looks like I will be blogging for a while because that Nigerian guy didn't get back to me.
- Virginia apologizes for slavery, rocketing them into 1975.
- Bill O'Reilly says that murdering soldiers doesn't matter.
- Bush, unfortunately, is still president.

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