Monday, June 4, 2007

Forgotten Candidates

Sometimes I don't root for the underdog. But with Ron Paul about to be on the Daily Show (or was on the daily show, if you're on the east coast), I was thinking about the underdog candidates in this year's presidential election. The Republicans have Paul, who has been making a killing online - if not in actual polls - ironically because he is a socially liberal Republican (are these still the 30% of individuals who like Bush?). Democrats have Bill Richardson, and possibly Chris Dodd and Kucinich. Should we count these people out because they are far behind? In fact, maybe we should, since (at least for Democrats) there seems little possibility that John Edwards, Barack Obama, AND Hillary Clinton all lose poll numbers with such a fervor that one of the 4th or lower candidates rises to the top. Maybe if it were only two... And that's too bad, because I like Richardson. And the rest of them for that matter.

But it still seems a little early for MSNBC and CNN to completely ignore the other candidates except for some post-game interviews. After it is over, don't talk about how well Clinton, Obama and Edwards did. Talk about how they all did. Be inclusive. We watched the debate, and we will see the video of it afterwards on YouTube or read about it on blogs - but I want to know how everyone did, and how the critics/pundits thought about all the candidates. Wait until people start dropping out (I'm looking at you, Jim Gilmore) before focusing on the top. You have over a year.

"And the stone that sits on the very top of the mountain's mighty face - Does it think it's more important than the stones that form the base?"
- "Through Heavan's Eyes" -
Price of Egypt

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