Monday, June 11, 2007

June 10th - 1500 days since the declaration of mission accomplished

Bush is such a Schmuck.

This is the 1501st day since the declaration of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. Yesterday, I celebrated by realizing that a "MudSlide" is probably the greatest alcoholic beverage of all time.

Still, the anniversary of "Mission Accomplished" represents an interesting moment in American history - a single moment, with a single two words, that reflect the irony of 1500 more days of tremendous failure.

I don't believe there are any two words that hold such an opposite meaning. Similar to how "military intelligence" was long held as that hilarious "oxymoron" joke.

I open up this post as a forum to anyone who can think of any two words that have the same affect. Any combination of words that, when uttered, bring to mind a colossally different state of events.

That is, of course, besides "President" and "Bush." That's a given.

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