Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 Stupid Commercials

Commercial #1: Buzz Quiz TV

He talks too fast, the commercial is not memorable, the game is low quality (in terms of graphics) and REALLY, he got the phone number? Because of the game? I don't think so. What an irritating commercial that I will quickly forget. Once it shuts up.

Commercial #2: The Whopper Virgins

They fly in 10 people that have never had a burger. 7/10 like the Whopper over the Big Mac. That's not a difference of four, that's a difference of 2. And that's an extremely small sample, in a clearly not double blind study. Even if the testing was done correctly, the chances of getting 7/10 due to chance (assuming a 50/50 split) is nearly 20%, and that does not include that most likely the McDonald's burger was ordered long before the Whopper was. Also, which did they eat first? Which one was made larger? And do you not think that the people being flown out from their home country would not have some idea which one they are supposed to pick?*

This is why I am a vegetarian.
*no, I do not think they actually conducted this study.

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