Monday, December 29, 2008


Just a week or so ago, it looked like there might be some hope that the truce between Israel and the Palestinians would be sticking around for a while. Then it stopped. Great.

The anti-Israel crowd is wrong. Israel does a lot of things poorly, but Hamas is sending rockets into Israel without regard for who they kill, and the ONLY reason that people see the responses by Israel as extreme is because Israel has better weapons. Rest assured that if Hamas got their hands on larger weapons, MANY innocent Israelis would die, as Hamas does not aim for specific targets, they aim to kill innocent people in cities.

The extremists in Palestine also house their command centers in preschools and hospitals. You want to know why so many innocent Palestinian children die? It is because the only way to take out a Hamas terror cell is to destroy its base, and if its base in placed in some place with lots of kids, kids will die.

That said, Israel is equally in the wrong. The response to an attack that barely hurt anyone and killed no one should not and should never be an enormous missle strike that kills innocent people, no matter who you were actually aiming for. It is stupid and accomplishes nothing, and now innocent children are dead as a result of.. what? Responding to loud noises? That's horrific. If a bomb falls in the forest and no one is around to be hurt by it, get over it and figure out something less deadly.

Both sides are equally as wrong. Which is why both the anti-Israel group and pro-Israel group are wrong as well. Both need to stop blaming the other side - they are both to blame, and need to be treated as though they are both in the wrong. Blaming Israel for its "Atrocities" when it response to being bombed is stupid, but supporting the country for bombing the hell out of people that only really sent in a loud firecracker is equally so.

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