Monday, December 22, 2008

For Just 80 Cents a Day, You Can Save a Starving Child in Africa... or a Dog

The ASPCA commercials, while for a good cause, tend to offend me. There are Christian Children's fund commercials that claim they can help a starving child survive for just 80 cents a day. For 60 cents a day - 75% of the children's fund - you can help an old dog that was mistreated live a few years longer.

I <3 Animals - but I refuse to believe that it costs only 20 cents more per day to save a starving human than a dog. If I can save a child for 80 cents a day, I should be able to save a dog for 10 cents a day or less. I also am a little angry at people that refuse to fork over the extra 20 cents a day to save a child over a cat.

At the very least, I would prefer they not use the same sales tactic on their charity. If nothing else, it would make me feel as though their commercial was in better taste.

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