Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Market Military

Of the two of these, which do you think a government would be better at regulating:

1) The military
2) Social welfare programs

I cannot imagine a military run by a business that would go into stupid, unnecessary wars, waste money on dumb strategies and go into a war totally unprepared with an inadequate number of "employees" to run its extensive programs despite ample evidence that more are needed.

Social welfare? It is not the best in terms of cost/benefit analysis, so a business would likely not do a good job, but the benefits help all of humanity. Run like a monster-sized mandatory charity, it would be helpful if 1.00 of every 1.00 went straight to the people that need it, but 80 cents a day is better than nothing.

*No, I'm not advocating the military should be run by anything other than the government.

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