Monday, December 8, 2008

Al Franken for Senate


I really want(ed) Al Franken to win. He's surprisingly intelligent, politically minded, but best of all he is funny. Can you imagine him on some major Senate committee grilling an old Bush appointee on his failures? He would probably be the first Senator to actually say what the country is thinking, rather than give long, boring speeches with no major content.

Senators give annoying substanceless diatribes all the time. We may as well have someone funny doing them to give them a purpose.


Kristin said...

Has this race been decided yet last I read Franken was up by 22 votes?

Kristin said...

Oh btw I have decided to discontinue the use of my alter ego Jazzy

Librocrat said...

Oh, ha. If it is okay with you, I am not going to reveal my real name =).

Franken was up by... something small, though the number escapes me. However, that did not include the challenged ballots, of which I think there were thousands. So the number is somewhat meaningless because both parties can challenge as many ballots as they like no matter who "won" them.

I don't think it will be decided until at least the 15th if not much later, but I have not really educated myself on Minnesota ballot policies yet. Most of what I hear comes through the grapevine.