Saturday, May 5, 2007

News from the Smaller Blogs

Here are some recent posts by some smaller liberal blogs:

  • Uncomfortably Numb encourages congress to impeach Cheney first.
  • From the Back of The Pew writes about her thoughts on Imus, Hillary Bashing, and Chris Matthews.
  • Impleader writes about the White Man's Burden (a poem).
  • What Goes Around (The Offering) writes about being a good mother.
  • Show me the rules writes about "insulting Islam" - a piece about searching for the word "Islam" on Google News.
  • Political Artwork - There is no specific post that is impressive, because the entire site is interesting. They (he? she?) shows a photograph and make it political. Photos like this:
  • Teresa's two cents writes about a heartless crime against children.
  • The Passionate Center supports the troops.

I plan to do more posts like this. If you're a liberal leaning blog, big or small, you should try to support the less well-known blogs as well. It seems unfair that, say, DailyKos will only re-post or discuss things from Talking Points Memo. Everyone knows about those two blogs. They monopolize themselves.


KA said...

Hey thanks for the link! Always good to meet a fellow liberal.

soul said...

great blog! thanks for the mention.

Moonshadow said...

Call me "small", call me "liberal", just so long as you call me!

Thanks for the roundup, partner.